7 Best Hiking Flashlight 2021 (Review & Comparison)

best hiking flashlight

Updated on – Jan 11, 2021

If you are going on a night hike or camping in the night on a ridge during your hike, you need a durable flashlight to set up your tent and do other stuff.

You can go through this article because we have curated a list of the best hiking flashlight to let you make an informed choice.

Below are the parameters that we considered while shortlisting best hiking flashlight –

  • Size and Weight
  • Battery Type
  • Beam and Throw Type
  • Clips feature

You would learn in detail about these parameters for better understanding of how to select best hiking flashlight.

Lets’ dig deep to get the best backpacking flashlight for your next hiking adventure.

Best Hiking Flashlight

#1. Fenix PD35 Lumen Flashlight

Fenix PD35 V2.0 flashlight gives higher output of up to 1000 lumens with 273 yards throw distance makes it ideal for your hiking adventure. The PD35 V2.0 operates on a rechargeable/non-rechargeable battery with a runtime of 430 hours.

You can directly connect the battery with a USB cable using your portable mobile charger, or your laptop’s USB port.


  • The compact body makes it easy to carry 
  • Waterproof, with high performance in rain and snow.
  • Allows a quick recharge from a car charger 
  • You get a dual tail switch/side switch. 


  • No lifetime warranty
  • Not durable plastic body

Why you should buy it

You long throw distances and longer run times and a flexible rechargeable battery.

#2. Olight S1 LED Flashlight

Olight S1 is the smallest flashlight available in the market and measures 2.4-inches and weighs just 1.06-ounces. You get 500 lumens and a throw of 120 yards. Olight has a turbo beam of 320 meters.

You also get three brightness levels and an additional strobe mode. You get a handy clip attachment to use the flashlight hands-free. The flashlight also gives a textured exterior that gives a good grip, even in slippery conditions making it an ideal hiking tool.


  • Compact lightweight and fits in your pockets easily
  • Clip attachment makes it handsfree
  • Three brightness modes and a Strobe mode


  • Cannot adjust its beam focus.
  • The charging cord is quite short.

Why you should buy it

If you need a compact lightweight flashlight for hiking .  

#3. Ledlenser – MT14 Rechargeable Flashlight

The Ledlenser MT14 comes with great battery technology that gives long 192 hours of light in a single charge. You get a high-performance flashlight with 1000 Lumens.

MT14 has a Patented Advanced Focus System that gives optimal light transportation for a better view of distant objects.

The Ledlenser is equipped with the Smart Light Technology that offers you 3 programmable light functions – Power, Low Power, and Defense Strobe.


  • Comes with click-type push-button
  • Patented focus system for a better view
  • Advanced lock to avoid accidental turn on


  • The brightness could be harsh

Why you should buy it

If you require long-distance sharp and clear light beam

#4.  Rofis R3 Cree XM-L2 LED Flashlight

ROFIS R3 flashlight is famous for its rechargeable multi-functional operation. You get an movable light with a head movement of 0-90 degrees, which makes it very practical to use.

The neutral white 5000K is quite yellow that is soothing to eyes. You get a run time of 5.5 hours with a beam distance of 194 meters which is ideal for camping purpose.

ROFIS R3 has a magnetic tail to attach the cap to any metal object, which when combined with a head rotation, increases its avenues of usage.


  • Comes with a magnetic charging port. 
  • A hard-anodized coating makes it durable.
  • Pompous swivel head and a magnetic base to multifunction.
  • Lightweight


  • No beam focus available

Why you should buy it

You get a unique combination of headlight and flashlight

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Best Backpacking Flashlight

#5. OxyLED Tactical Flashlight

OxyLed tactical flashlight claims a maximum brightness of 900-lumen and comes with a supplementary rechargeable battery and charger.

You get around 6 hours of run time when kept on the medium-brightness setting. You can select from the five standard light modes by half-pressing the power button on the flashlight’s back.

OxyLED MD50 handheld flashlight measures 5.31” in Length and  * 1.42” in Diameter, making it a perfect pocket flashlight.

OxyLED MD50 flashlight is made with aircraft-grade alloy and premium Type-3 hard-anodized, anti-abrasive coating which gives it an ultra-clear glass lens for superb brightness.


  • Five light modes with an SOS option 
  • Zooms in and out completely
  • IPX-6 rating in water resistance so can sustain in heavy rainfall
  • 1-year warranty


  • Charging is quite slow
  • Doesn’t remember the last setting

Why you should buy it

IPX-6 rating makes it ideal for camping in rain. 

#6. Maglite XL200 LED Tactical Flashlight 

You get an impressive compact size of 4.8”x1”x1”. You can select among different lighting modes (On, night light, strobe, SOS) by pressing the rear button multiple times.

You can also enter a silent signal mode to produce visible International Morse Code signals (short and long flashes = ‘dots and dashes’), by rotating the light.

You can Long press and hold the button and then rotate your wrist to adjust the strobe and brightness. Its night light mode is impressive as the output dims down but if you move the torch once again, it shoots up to full brightness. 

The lockout mode prevents accidental operation and draining batteries. The beam distance is around 450 feet.

When turned off, the flashlight remembers the last setting so you don’t have to cycle through again.


  • Extremely lightweight and compact in design
  • Remembers last light setting
  • Lockout function prevents accidental turning on
  • The tactical pack comes with an anti-roll device and pocket clip
  • Available in Black, Red, Blue, or Gray colors


  • IPX4-rated can only protect from splashes but not ideal for heavy downpour

Why you should buy it

Brightness and light mode adjustment remembers last setting saved, alongwith silent signal mode makes it an ideal buy.

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#7. Anker Bolder LED Flashlight

Anker bolder flashlight uses a high-quality Cree LED to give an adjustable brightness that beams up to 900 lumens with a reach of 1000 feet.

The flashlight construction is rock solid in aluminum that can survive any accidental drops. You also get an IPX5 rating to use in rain without any worry.

You get up to 6 hours of continuous light at medium-beam mode, thanks to premium 3350 mAh battery. The anker flashlight comes with LC90 integrates a chip purpose-built to avoid any overcharging of battery.

The single button allows switching between the 5 lighting modes, including SOS. The zoom adjustment slider revolutionized the illumination pattern from a broad sweep to a focused beam.


  • Adjustable up to max 900 lumen
  • Zoom of the beam reaches up to 1000ft
  • Includes rechargeable battery that last up to 6 hours
  • 18 months warranty


  • 6 hours recharge time

Why you should buy it

A durable, long lasting LED flashlight with adjustable beam

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Hiking Flashlight

#1. Size And Weight

The size and weight of flashlights is an important concern for hikers. Choose those that have a compact design and that you can attach to your clothing or zippers of your bag.

#2. Battery Type

Another consideration is the type of battery in the flashlight. The disposable batteries are cheap but they will not power an LED enough to get maximum brightness. Rechargeable batteries are slightly more expensive, but give a brighter output and a longer runtime. AAA batteries work well. 

#3. Beam And Throw Type

Flashlights have varied beam patterns, which affects their throw. Some flashlights have a narrow beam, while others have a wider beam throw. Backpackers buy flashlights with adjustable optics so that they allow you to adjust the throw.

#4. Clips

Clips are an additional feature in flashlights that you can use to hang them to bags or belt loops so as to travel hands-free. 

Final Thoughts

If you need a reliable hiking flashlight that can produce visible International Morse Code signals, then buy Maglite XL200 LED Tactical Flashlight.

If your requirement is a durable flashlight that lasts long, then go with Anker Bolder LED Flashlight which comes with 3350 mAh battery and IPX-67 rating makes it a reliable purchase.

If you are looking for a multifunction flashlight that you can use for headlamp as well, then go with Rofis R3 Cree XM-L2 LED Flashlight that has a unique 90-degree retractable head and magnetic charging makes it multi-operational.

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