15 Best Tips On Camping For Beginners in 2021

Best camping tips for beginners

Last updated on – 10.01.2021

Camping is a great way to give yourself a break from your routine and spend time in nature.

If you are a first-time camper and thoughts of preparation are daunting you, then don’t worry, we’ll help you understand what to do. 

We have covered 11 best tips on camping for beginners in different situations like winter, rain, camping with a dog, and many more.

Essential things required for camping

  •  Tent (and footprint, stakes)
  •  Sleeping bags
  •  Sleeping pads
  •  Camping pillow 
  •  Headlamps or flashlights (with extra batteries)
  •  Camp chairs
  •  Camp table or picnic table
  •  Lantern (with extra batteries)

Camping Tips For Beginners

You can easily manage to do camping on your own. You just need a few gears and the a best camping place where you wanna camp.

You will know some basic things to keep in mind before leaving for camp out. These tips are universal and will work in every situation. 

In the upcoming sections, you will learn about situation oriented tips that can work collaboratively with the tips below.

  • Borrow or rent camping gear in the beginning to reduce your cost.
  • Always bring appropriate clothes for cold and rain. Always keep polyester and woolen stuff handy and avoid cotton clothing as they don’t get dry easily once they soaked water.
  • Keep multi-layer clothes to regulate your body temperature especially in cold weather.
  • Make meal plans and bring plenty of food. This will eliminate your dependency on food availability.
  • Keep plenty of water that will keep you hydrated.
  • At the start, you should prefer to camp close to home. You can easily go back home if you don’t find camping comfortable.
  • Postpone your campout to avoid facing a miserable situation if the weather forecast is not favorable,.
  • Always occupy a place where you can easily fix your tent. 
  • Make sure you follow Leave No Trace principles and encourage others as well to keep the area clean.

Tips For Camping In The Rain

Camping in the rain can be miserable but you can make it pleasant if you are prepared for it in advance. You must be aware of the weather forecast before leaving for your campsite to reach with full preparations. 

You can enjoy the sound of rain in the woods by following the camping tips in the rain below. 

#1. Fix Tent at Height

You can find water getting collected in your tent after a downpour if you keep your tent in a low lying area. Fixing tent hight will help you avoid any miserable condition due to water collection. 

If you find a clean slop and tempted to fix your tent on the slop, even then you should rather try to reach the top of that slop for setting up your tent.

#2. Carry Rain Jacket and Pants

Getting soaked in water while camping is unpleasant but you can avoid it by carrying a pair of rain jackets and pants. Because rain gear will keep you dry and active in the rain.


Rain clothing will not only keep you active but also protect you from hypothermia. Hypothermia is a physical state where the body loses heat at a faster pace than it can produce body heat to maintain the normal body temperature (98.5 F) that may even lead to death.

You can select a waterproof jacket for the top layer and polyester or wool base for mid-layers under that jacket.  

Also wear rain pants and waterproof shoes that will save you from wet leaves, and water around you.

Avoid cotton clothes as they don’t get dry easily once drenched. 

Camping Safety Tips

#3. Ensure Camping Safety

You can ensure safety while camping by considering following things.

  • Always start a campfire in the fire pit and  at least 15 feet away from the tent
  • Always keep a bucket of water and shovel near you
  • Avoid leaving a campfire unattended and put it out completely before you leave
  • Use insect repellent to avoid bug or mosquito bites during camping.
  • Keep yourself hydrated to avoid dehydration
  • Avoid contact with animals and always wash your hands with soap or use a sanitizer.

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Cold Weather Camping Tips

#4. Stay Dry

In cold weather, water lowers your body temperature at a faster rate. So getting wet means chances of hypothermia. So it’s better to keep yourself dry and warm with extra layers of clothing.

Even sweating can lower down your temperature, so it is advisable to take it slow and peel off layers to limit perspiration.

Use waterproof or gaiters to protect your feet from getting wet. 

Secondly, you can put your clothes deep inside your sleeping bag while sleeping. Your body heat will keep your clothes dry and warm. 

The next morning you can wear clothes that would help you to stay cozy.  

Winter Camping Tips

#5. Use a 4-Season Tent

A four-season tent is ideal for camping in all weather conditions. You can tent whether its snow or powerful winds are blowing. 

 Use a 4-Season Tent

A 4-season tent has a polyester or nylon fabric that makes it a robust choice to protect you from the snow and other harsh weather conditions.

#6. Use Sleeping Pads

A tight sleep is good in camping because you can rest your body for next day excursion. Sleeping pads become a blessing if you are camping in a freezing winter night. 


Sleeping pads not only insulates you from external cold weather but also gives cushioning to your back. 

Tent Camping Tips

#7. Learn To Setup Your Tent

You can enjoy tent camping only if you know how to set up your tent. The best way is to practice setting up your tent at home before going camping.

You can do it in the backyard or in the living area. This will save you time while in the real scenario.

#8. Carry a Comfortable Camping Chair

You can sit hours relaxing in front of the campfire and enjoying your favorite beer. But it can be a nightmare if your chair doesn’t support your spine and butts.

camping chair

You can bring a comfortable camping chair to relax during camping to avoid in backpain or num bums. 

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Beach Camping Tips

#9. Know The Tides

You must know when the tides are high and how much distance they usually cover. So that you can avoid that area or you may find water getting collected in your tent during high tides.

#10. Protect Yourself from Sun

If you are planning to camp on a beach, you should carry an umbrella along with you because you will be getting more exposure to sunlight on the open beach. 

Secondly, keep a high SPF sunscreen (Min. SPF 30) with you and reapply on your exposing body parts after every 3 hours to avoid sunburns.

Car Camping Tips

#11. Car is Your Staging Area

You shouldn’t unpack everything and make a hodge-podge. Rather you should keep every extra item like extra food, or daypack in the car.

This strategy will help you stay organized and keep your reserve in the car that you can use whenever you require it.

#12. Avoid Using Car Lights

If you are camping in the night, avoid using car lights repeatedly that will drain the car battery faster. You should keep an LED flashlight or lantern to serve your purpose. 

As a precautionary measure, you must carry a pair of jumper cables in case your car battery got dead.

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Camping With Dogs Tips

#13. Go Through Regulations

Always go through the rules and regulations of camping with pets in the camping area. Some regulations don’t allow camping animals. So read regulations in advance to avoid in the hap-hazzard situation during camping.

#14. Leash Your Dog

There may be other campings also and some people are not comfortable with dogs, so its better to leash your dog and keep him close to avoid creating any uncomfortable situations for others.

Leasing will also protect your dog from being a tart fo medicinal use.

#15. Keep Plenty of Water

Not only yourself but you should also keep your dog hydrated. Because your dog have to keep activities high with trail running and hiking. 

Having enough water will also help you avoid your dog drinking standing water. 

Final Thoughts

You are now able to plan your camping event without any hesitation. 

It is always advisable to enjoy your camping without hindering any other person’s privacy. If there are other people also camping on your selected campsite, try to create less noise, and keep a relaxed environment to let others enjoy as well.

Lastly, always keep your surroundings clean and leave no trace by throwing litter in the trash only. All these tips will make your camping experience memorable.

Lastly, always keep your surroundings clean and leave no trace by throwing litter in the trash only. All these tips will make your camping experience memorable.

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