5 Best 8 Person Tents for Adventurous Family Camping in 2020

Last Updated – 25th April 2020

Best 8 person Tents: If you have a big family and wish to go for a trek or a hike, you might want a bigger tent. The best 8 person tents have the capacity to accommodate almost the entire group that you take with you. Sure, you can take with you multiple tents too, but a single tent tends to have its own fun side. Here, we have listed the top 8 person tents for family camping experience which money can currently buy.

In case you get confused, we have listed the tents based on certain criteria which will be based on ease of use, budget, and other criteria. Also, we have provided a buying guide so that the next time you purchase an 8 person tent, you take the correct decision while planning a memorable family camping trek.

“8 Person Tents” are one of the best family camping tents available in the market and it’s quite popular among the people who love to go for adventurous trips with their families and loved ones. These 8 Person Tents helps to strengthen togetherness and love among the family members for sure. Do check out our list of some of the best 8 person tents of 2020 before making a Purchase!!

Top Picked Best 8 Person Tent of 2020

Best 8 Person Tents of 2020 for Family Camping Experiences”

#1. Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent

This is the best budget 8 person tent. This boasts a free-standing design which is great considering the size of the tent.  This is one of the best tents as far as housing a large group of people is concerned. With a unique hub design, it is a breeze to set up and is usually done by two people; one will hold the entire thing down while the stakes are driven etc.

The fiberglass poles and the steel uprights also provide a sense of security and balance to the entire setup, essentially making it feel like a second home.

Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting TentOnboard is an extra tall center which, along with its straight walls and the wall divider, ensures that you can set up two rooms to accommodate the people that you are with. Browning has ensured that there are two large doorways as well as six windows, all of which aid in better ventilation.

There is a mesh roof that also offers easy entry. We have been using this tent for the last three camping seasons and the tent is pretty waterproof.

Besides, this tent comes with its own mesh storage pockets for storing all of your extra equipment. Browning also provides its own polyester fly, guy ropes, as well as steel stakes so that no matter which environment you are in, you will never be tested too badly.

The Browning Camping Big Horn tent has also ensured that we get the best tent at a budget price. This is where quality meets affordability.

Some users have complained that the warranty period, which claims a 10-year cover, depends extensively on wear and tear; we tend to agree. However, this is one tent which is in the middle spectrum of the 8 person tents; it offers great value at budget prices.

What We Like
  • Best budget 8 person tent; affordable quality.
  • Two compartments are evenly spaced; spacious design.
  • Excellent attention to detail; the internal mesh storage pockets are proof.
What We Didn't Like
  • Warranty coverage can be a little tricky at times.
  • Not a decent all-weather tent; can get very cold in the winter.
Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room Tent, Black/Orange
  • Our Browning Big Horn Series is a free-standing tent with fiberglass poles and steel uprights, giving ultimate extra strength and stability
  • Two-room wall divider, extra tall center and straight side walls gives more room for cots, sleeping bags and extra gear
  • Six large windows, two doorways and mesh roof offer easy entry and ultimate ventilation
  • Fully equipped with mesh storage pockets, polyester fly, guy ropes and steel stakes
  • Base Size: 10' x 15', Packed Size: 12" x 30", Center Height: 87", Total Weight: 34 lbs. 11 oz.

#2. Coleman Octagon 98 – 2 Room Tent

This is the best ventilated 8 person tent on our list. The tent is ideal for big groups and can withstand inclement weather like almost all of the tents on this list. Even kids and adults will appreciate the 360° windows which this tent offers. The tent does look a little odd, especially when one looks at it in comparison to the other tents on this list. Hence the name.

Coleman Octagon 98 - 2 Room Tent

The Coleman Octagon has 2 doors beside a full coverage fly. It is for no small reason that we are saying that this is the best-ventilated tent: with lots of mesh and the doors, the tent is extremely breezy and is ideal for warmer weathers. Coleman has also provided a Powder Coated Steel central support device, the powder coated nature being able to resist rust and corrosion. This will ensure that the tent lasts for several years.

When we took it out late last month, we were pretty surprised to see the bathtub style polyethylene floor. This combines with the sonic welded seams to provide protection against slippery surfaces while also prolonging the durability and the seamless nature of the structure.

The one thing that we liked a lot about this tent is the fact that there is a full-length zip-on fly which aids in ventilation. To aid in the setting up of the tent, Coleman has also provided color-coded pole attachments which aid in setting up the tent. Color coding will also help ensure that lesser mistakes are made when setting up the tent.

Lastly, we cannot but mention that we greatly appreciated the airy nature of the tent, which is further compounded by the fact that the tent can be divided into two or more rooms and can be used in any climate. Coleman has built in a proprietary technology called WeatherTec which is said to be useful in keeping you warm and dry.

We are yet to try out that feature for ourselves, however, and will not pass any judgments on the matter.

What We Like
  • Well ventilated and stylishly designed.
  • Ideal for camping even in wet climes.
  • Can be comfortably erected by a single experienced individual.
  • Color-coded so that during setting it up, no mistakes are made. Overall, a great buy.
What We Didn't Like
  • The Powder Coated Steel of the central support beam starts to peel off after exposure to the elements.
  • The bag that comes with the tent is too small to carry it properly. Ideally, you should go in for a canvas bag which is bigger so that no further troubles ensue.
Coleman Octagon 98 8-Person Outdoor Tent
  • Camping tent with octagon design fits 2 queen air beds or 8 people on sleeping bags
  • Sets up easily in only 15 minutes
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry
  • Strong frame tested to withstand 35+ MPH winds
  • Measures 13 x 13 feet with 6-foot 10-inch center height

#3. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

This is the best 8 person tent overall but comes at a premium. As is obvious in the name, the operating word is ‘deluxe.’ That said, if you are willing to shell out a few extra bucks for a real 8 (or more) person experience, this is the best that we can suggest presently. Kodiak claims that it was “born in the Rockies” and they have certainly enough to show for it, as is evidenced by this tent.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person TentFirst and foremost, this is a canvas tent and we are glad that a canvas tent has made it to the top of the list. For decades now, canvas has been suffering from a stepmotherly attitude; however, Kodiak has ensured that with its 100% cotton duck canvas, something that the company calls Hydra-Shield, has the three essential qualities in decent ratios: durability, a watertight nature, and a greatly improved breathable nature, all necessary to make a great tent better.

Kodiak seemingly has spared no expense in ensuring that the consumers get exactly what they are paying for. Onboard are two large D-shaped doors located both on the front and the back that come with top-of-the-line #10 YKK zippers. The canvas used in manufacturing this tent boasts double-fill design which ensures a longer life.

To ensure effective protection in wet climes, it has a silicone dry-finish treatment in addition to the top-notch canvas design, something that diminishes weight while also improving the durable nature.

The tent is as strong as it is robust; to add more spine, it has 1-inch galvanized steel tubing in addition to the 3/8-inch Flex-Bow spring steel rods that are used as stakes to keep the tent taut and in shape. We went camping in it last year, and it is not designed for heavy snow accumulation. Neither is it developed for use in extreme weather conditions, mind you.

Don’t let that deter you, however. There are more specialized tents for those purposes; the Kodiak canvas tent is ideal for use all around the year. This is a very expensive piece of equipment, so do note that before you take a purchase decision.

What We Like
  • Canvas based, environment-friendly and allergen-less.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Great ventilation, expansive tent, can be set up by a single man. We advise a helper, however.
  • Usable all through the year.
What We Didn't Like
  • May burn a hole in your pockets, however.
  • Not of particular use in extreme climes, no in areas with heavy rainfall.
Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe 10 ft x 10 ft (6-person)
  • Made with Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas that is durable, watertight and breathable
  • Spacious 6'6" ceiling height provides walk-around comfort
  • Two large D-shaped doors (front and back) with #10 YKK zippers
  • Four large windows with no-see-um mesh
  • Flex-Bow Frame: Exceptionally sturdy. Keeps tent taut. Quick and easy, one-person, setup

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#4. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 14′ x 9′

This is the best instant tent as far as this list of the best 8 person tents is concerned. It is designed rather stylishly and is instantly erectable. When we tried out the ‘Instant 60 Second Setup’ challenge that the company publicly claims. It is big enough to fit in 8 to 9 people and can easily accommodate two queen-size mattresses. Given the fact that this is an instant tent, it is still very strong and robust. It is also very portable.

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'

While it is true that we have selected this tent mostly due to its instant tent nature, it is not the only advantage that it boasts. We have often seen how, when camping and struggling with the steel beams and the stakes, the other guy simply picks a spot and then pitches his or her instant tent. This is something along similar lines. Given that it is an instant tent, we liked the fact that there is an electrical cord access port onboard which can be closed fully when not being used.

Once you start using the instant tent, you will be pleased to note that everything that you need is already attached to the fabric. Poles, hubs, everything. So, it takes only one individual to et things up and running. The wall divider that is packaged along with the tent serves pretty well: it is also portable and separable.

The tent boasts of zippered privacy panels which holds everything that you need in neat little pouches which ensures that nothing touches the floors. Onboard is the Core H20 Block Technology which is said to combine water repellent fabrics along with active bead technology. Active bead technology also involves the water repellant nature of any fabric. Overall, this is how an instant tent which works.

What We Like
  • Waterproof nature is extremely good considering the instant tent nature.
  • Easy to set up and dismantle.
  • Electrical cord access port can be closed when not in use.
  • Warranty is good.
What We Didn't Like
  • The price may be an issue for many people.
  • Nothing much else to say here as far as negative aspects are concerned.
CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'
  • Instant 60 Second Setup; Sleeps 9 people; Fits two queen air mattresses; Center Height:78
  • CORE H20 Block Technology and adjustable ground vent
  • Features room divider and wall storage pockets keep items neat and off the tent floor
  • Electrical cord access port (port is fully closable when not in use)
  • Includes rain fly, tent stakes, and carry bag

#5. Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent

This is the best tent for 8 persons with multiple rooms. We have taken it camping more than six times over the last four years and we have never been disappointed till date. Ozark has managed to fit in every single detail beautifully in this tent and the entire setup, once erected, is big enough for 10 people which means that it is actually a bit bigger than the average 8 person tent.

Ozark Trail Family Cabin TentI am more than 6 feet tall and I do not have to bend when entering the tent. The single most essential aspect of the tent is that it has multiple compartments which act as separate rooms; privacy is paramount in any hike, especially when the tent members are not members of the same family. When we went camping, we decided to use the rooms to fit our three queen-sized air mattresses. Turns out that there was no great difficulty in doing that; we also had room to spare.

Besides, the two room-dividers are removable, which means that in case you do not need those rooms, you always have the opportunity of turning the entire tent into one big communion center. Also, the Ozark tent is armed with taped fly seams which keep the condensation out while still preserving the essential details of the tent.

We found out recently that this tent has a total of 200 feet of living space, which is pretty great given it is not meant for continuous inhabitation.

We especially loved the little pouches over the mattresses which come in handy when we are out camping and when we need to store all the little things like mobile phones and wallets. When we tested the tent in the pouring rain, it was more than capable of handling the rain. Thus, overall, this is a pretty good choice.

And the best part is that it is not very expensive, unlike most of the 8 person tents on this list. You will also notice that the price range bracket is significant, so you are advised to choose very carefully.

What We Like
  • Great build quality and vast inside space.
  • Taped fly seams ensure better protection against condensation.
  • Ideal for tall persons and for those who need their own rooms.
  • High quality steel beams lend great support to the overall structure.
What We Didn't Like
  • The waterproofing could have been better.
  • It definitely needs more than one person to erect.

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Best 8 Person Tents Buying Guides

Before you decide which 8 person tent to purchase, you must know that there are certain criteria for the consumer to follow. There are several tent types which must be considered when buying a tent. You can also consider buying a teepee tent which is big enough to pack in around 8 to 10 people. Such big tents need a proper set of conditions that need to be looked into. So, we have made the 8 person tent buying guide for you.


Like everything else, the price of a tent is very important. Normally, we tend to purchase the goods which have all the features that we need and then we decide to buy the one best suited to our budget. However, when it comes to the best 8 person tents, we can safely say that this approach is not always right.

Decide, instead, of what features you need before you arrive at a purchase decision. This will narrow down your options and will actually help you in ensuring that you get the best tent in your budget and in a shape and size similar to what you had in mind.


How much space a tent provides and how much space it needs in order to be set up is also something that needs to be kept in mind. Ideally, a tent should not take up too much space if it is not a giant sized one. However, these are 8 person tents, which means that they will be pretty big in size. How big depends on the model to model, as many have two or more rooms. Also, it is important to note that having a lot of space is not nearly enough: space should also be well divided so that nothing goes to waste. An 8 person tent must have multiple rooms so that all the campers can be handled adequately.

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Time to Set Up

This is a very important point. How much time a tent takes to set up is something that most customers take into account before they buy a tent. There is a reason why some people use instant tents; such tents do not have to be set up and are a breeze to inflate. An instant tent is also on this list as we have decided to leave the readers with the maximum number of options. An instant tent is also something which most users will identify with in this scenario.

However, it is important to note that instant tents are not a very good option when considering a big 8 person tent. This is because such a tent is bigger than most average tents and take up a lot more space; they also need to be set up individually; in this case, color-coded parts are of great help as they tell the user which part goes where and which piece fits which one. This is an important consideration that must be taken into account.

Portability Factor

Usually, it depends on the tent manufacturer whether they decide to make the tent portable or not. Portable tents are easier to fit into the many factors that go into the backpack which you are carrying. As you know, it is best to take a light backpack whenever you go for camping and hiking.

Hence, given that these 8 person tents can be pretty heavy, it is best if they come with their own cases. Essentially, the portability factor is also pretty important as far as choosing the ideal 8 person tent is concerned. Light nylon fabric tents are usually the easiest to carry as far as long treks and hikes go. Canvas tents are also heavier than the other options. So, while we leave the final decision to the user, keep in mind that the lighter a tent is, the better it is.


Usability means how many people are needed to set up and operate the tent. While we have mentioned the setting up factor before as well, the tent needs a lot more than that to be used successfully. A bigger tent might need more than one person to be completely set up and to be completely dissembled when the time comes. We recommend that at least two people should do the setup; while the more experienced user holds the central pole, another person may take care of the stakes and other details.


As you can see, we have picked a canvas tent as one of the best ones this time. But canvas does have its downsides. So, before you make a purchase, make sure that you read up on the material being used in the construction of the tent; it is extremely important that the tent material be well-ventilated, durable, and resistant to inclement weather. So, choose wisely.

Wrap Up

We believe that by now, you have gathered an idea of which ones are the best 8 person tents. Keep in mind that for different weathers, there are different tents that are to be considered. So, before you head out, note the climate of the camping area. Snow and slate are not the same as more tropical climates. All different tents have been addressed by us. Stop by our other posts for more detailed shopping guides. Comments are also welcome.

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