10 Best First Aid Kit For Hiking 2021 (Review & Comparison)


Updated on – Jan 11, 2021

If you’re heading out on an adventure, you need a good hiking first-aid kit.

But finding the best first aid kit is a hectic job. If you want to have the best first aid kit for hiking, go through this article as we have curated a list of 10 best first aid kit for hiking after doing in-depth research.

We have considered the following parameters to shortlist our list of best first aid kit for hiking

  • Portability
  • Essentials Items
  • Storage
  • Easy to access

You will learn more about these parameters in the end of this article.

Best First Aid Kit For Hiking

#1. Adventure Medical Mountain Series Explorer Kit

Adventure Medical Mountain Series medical kit specially designed for hikers and trekkers with all the essential supplies to treat common on-the-trail injuries. Several medicines to relief from allergies, pain, fevers, and upset stomachs.

You get a tough and durable outer covering going which is waterproof and tear-resistant. You also get a handle for easy carrying and an easy zipper for quick access.

4 separate compartments for better stuff arrangement and quick searching of the required essential.


  • Tough and durable cover
  • Medicines and bandages to treat on-the-trail injuries
  • Guide for all supplies.
  • FSA eligible.


  • Not found any

Why you should buy this product

If you need a tough, portable first aid kit for your long trekking or hiking adventures.

#2. Adventure Medical Kits (Ultralight and Watertight)


You get ample space in the carry bag that comes with a zipper for easy access. The siliconized nylon bag is seam-sealed that protects the inner contents from water and prevents leakage as well.

Adventure kit contains –

  • Wound care bandages
  • Gloves
  • Cotton
  • Trauma pad to stop bleeding
  • Fracture bandages
  • Medications for burns, sprain and other pain relief medicines

The medical kit lightweight in carry with approximately 8 ounces of total weight. The kit can accommodates up to 2 people for 1 to 4 days making it ideal for hikers.


  • All essentials medicines are included.
  • Easy to access.
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Waterproof bag


  • No room for additional personal medicine.
  • No separate storage pockets.

Why you should buy this product

Easy to access, provides essential medications, and durable watertight bag.

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#3. I GO Hard Shell Mini Compact First Aid Kit

I GO first aid kit contains 85 essential medical supplies including all essential bandages, wound treatment supplies, pain relief medicines, and ointments for allergies.

I GO kit is compact in size and comes with a hard-shell cover that protects all the items inside from anything outside environmental conditions as well as prevents leakage of any medication inside your luggage.

You get dual net pockets for keeping supplies organized and easy to find. The high quality zipper is easy to glide to open kit 2 ways.

The first aid kit comes with an aluminum carabiner to hang your bag.

The size 6″ x 4.3″x 2.4″ makes it compact to fit anywhere whether your travel bag or vehicle’s compartment. You can easily carry as it weighs only 0.56 pounds.


  • Hardshell covering for better protection
  • Net pockets for easy storage
  • EVA waterproof material
  • Compact but spacious


  • Band-aids are very small
  • Does not contain tape.
  • Items are less

Why you should buy this product

Compact, portable, and waterproof hard shell covering ideal for outdoor activities like trekking or camping.

#4. Compact First Aid Kit (228 pcs)

Compact First Aid Kit named compact but includes up to 228 pieces of comprehensive first aid treatment supplies which include an ample amount of bandages for wound care, pain relief medicines, cotton, and other cleaning supplies.

You get a smooth surface with tough cover which is water-resistant, and shockproof. A sturdy handle let you easy carry the bag. Smooth and easy to open zippers makes the access easy.

You also get an emergency blanket protects from rain and has a reflective coating acts as a distress signal, along with scissors, whistles, and multi-function saber cards to cater any kind of emergency.


  • 228 items including an emergency blanket
  • Tough outer cover
  • FDA approved
  • Solid handle for portability.
  • Compact but ample space


  • No additional space to accommodate personal medicines.

Why you should buy this product

Vast list of medicinal essentials, survival gears and emergency reflective blanket make it ideal for trekkers.

#5. Protect Life First Aid Kit

Protect Life First Aid Kit

Protect Life First Aid Kit is lightweight and tightly packed comes with a cloth covering. You can easily fit in the luggage due to its compact size and it weighs only 1.2 lbs.

You get up to 160 essential medical supplies for wound care, burns, scratches, cuts, ointments for rashes, allergies, drugs for pain relief, fever, cold, sanitary supplies, safety blanket, and sprain bandages.

The kit has organized compartments for all supplies and everything is properly labeled for easy to find.


  • 160 essentials supplies
  • well-labelled items
  • Weighs just 1.2 pounds


  • Can easily get wet.
  • Band-aid quality is not good

Why you should buy this product

If you want a compact and easy to carry first aid kit that you can keep in your luggage or rucksack.

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Best First Aid Kit For Camping

#6. Surviveware Large First Aid Kit

Surviveware Large First Aid Kit

Surviveware Large First Aid Kit is made of 600D polyester fabric that makes it the toughest and durable among competitors.

The kit is compact but very spacious that you can even add bulky items like an 18″ splint.

The kit includes 200 basic medical essentials such as adhesive bandages (all types), critical wound dressings, fracture bandages, sprain bandages, pain relief, and glucose solutions.

Great organization and labeled multiple compartments make it user friendly.

The bag is waterproof and you get laminate inner pouches to protect the first aid supplies from water and moisture. It can also float on water in case of accidental drop in water stream.


  • 200 essential supplies
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Sturdy zipper and velcros
  • Can float on water


  • Band-aids quality could be better

Why you should buy this product

If you need a super tough and water resistant first aid kit for boating or water sports.

#7. Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose First Aid Kit

Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose First Aid Kit

Johnson & Johnson multi-purpose kit comes in an ABS plastic body container that is shockproof and water-resistant. You can easily carry with a spacious handle, keep in your vehicle or in the luggage.

You get bandages for minor cuts, scrapes, ointment for burns, rashes, allergies, and pain relief medicines a total of 140 items. The quality of stuff is great.

A box-like opening and everything is quickly accessible better than zippers.


  • 140 first aid items
  • Quick access design
  • Easy to carry handle.
  • Superb quality supplies.


  • No space for additional supply
  • No separate compartments.

Why you should buy this product

Good quality supplies in a tough ABS body container.

#8. First Aid Only Kit

Clear pockets for organizing all the supplements. Two way opening for easier access. Compact case and easily portable with measures 9.25″ x 2.875″ x 7″. Nylon bag with tough and durable outer covering. Easy gliding zipper for easy opening. Contains up to 299 essentials, for cuts and scrapes, for burns and swelling, pain relief, wound treating tools, supplies like cotton, alcoholic swaps, and comes with sanitary supplies also.


  • Nylon covering.
  • Compact and easily portable.


  • Band-aids supply should be more.

Why you should buy this product

Easy to access, organized, and durable kit.

#9. PenyaZo First Aid Bag

PenyaZo First Aid Bag is easy to access with a two-way opening design that ensures faster searching for supplies. Well organized designed and clear pouches for medicine supply storage.

You can keep all kinds of bandages, wound care, and dressing tools with all tools, swaps, and pain relief, medicines.

You also get extra space for additional storage of personal medicines or other things.

The zipper is of good quality and is easy to open. Compact and easily portable with a handle.


  • Easy to access compartments
  • Portable design
  • Additional storage available
  • Zippers are sturdy


  • Get wet easily
  • Limited first aid items

Why you should buy this product

A basic kit with required supplies and easily portable.

#10. Dexmed Waterproof First Aid Kit

Dexmed Waterproof First Aid Kit

You get every essential item required in a first aid kit –

  • All kinds of bandages,
  • Ice pack
  • Critical wound care
  • Dressing materials
  • Gauze
  • Small scissors
  • A navigation compass
  • Burn and rash treatment ointments
  • Drugs for pain-relief, cold, fever, and allergies.

The kit covering is made of polyester which is strong, tough, waterproof, and durable. The design is very compact with an easily portable handle. Well organized and good storage facility for all the supply.


  • All essential supplies.
  • Tough kit design
  • Survival tools like navigation compass


  • Supplies are of not good quality.
  • Storage compartments are not spacious

Why should you buy this product?

Fully equipped and lightweight kit for long trekking expeditions.

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Things To Consider While Creating Best First Aid Kit For Hiking

#1. Portability

The kit should be very compact and lightweight so that it can fit in your backpack easily and doesn’t feel heavy. An ideal weight is up to 1.2 lbs.

#2. Essentials

Make sure your kit contains all mediinal stuff for wound care, cleaning and hygiene, tools, sprain care, critical injuries, allergies and emergency drugs.

#3. Storage

The pockets should be spacious and labeled properly making everything easy to find in an emergency. Sharp tools should be kept separately. The storage bag should be waterproof and protects internal leakage as well.

#4. Easy to access

The kit should not have any difficult mechanism for opening. Zippers and velcros are easy to manage for quick access.

Final Thoughts

If you need a well organized All-in-One kit, then go with Compact First Aid Kit which is fully equipped, well organized, very durable, and comes with an emergency reflector blanket.

If you are looking for a compact first aid kit for a one day hike, go with Adventure Medical Day Tripper Lite Kit because of its super-compact design that comes in a budget.

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