6 Best Ski Bags 2020 Reviews, Ratings, Comparison & Buying Guide

Last update – 25th Jan 2020

Best Ski Bags: Skis are some of the most important and expensive pieces of winter sports equipment that people are so passionate about. For this reason, a whole segment of products, aptly called ski bags, exist. But there are so many manufacturers and so many types of bags.

Which ones should one consider and choose to buy? We have drawn up this list of the best ski bags 2020 to help you make up your mind.

Most of the top ski bags of 2020 have some common features: they are handy, can be transported by either air or car, and can certainly carry a lot of skis. They must not weigh a lot either or they will be too cumbersome to use.

But the weight must not come as a sacrifice of usefulness; they must be strong enough to resist any dents or damage to the skis. 

Our Top Picked Ski Bags of 2020

6 Best Ski Bags 2020

This is the list of the best ski bags that are available in 2020. Remember that these ski bags are not arranged in any manner or order of preference. Each one of them has its own features and positives. You can decide on which one to buy based on your preferences.

#1. High Sierra Single Ski Bag

High Sierra is a company which specializes in the manufacturing of outdoor equipment: from tents to hiking gear. They also make excellent ski bags. In fact, on this list, this is the best soft style ski bag that is currently available. The model is a perfect mixture of space and protection along with excellent value-for-money features. On every one of our trips to the most remote skiing alleys, this has proven to be the go-to ski bag.

High Sierra Deluxe Single Ski BagThe High Sierra Single Ski Bag is one of those rare models which combine all the features of the best ski bags at a reasonably affordable price. The bag’s main compartment is capable of holding two pairs of skis. Each pair of skis can be of a maximum of 185 centimeters in length.

One great advantage which this bag has is that it has carefully thought-out details and features. Inside are a divider panel and straps which are intended to keep the skis separated from one another and in place. These features ensure that all throughout the duration of travel, the skis are kept apart from one another and do not impact one another in any manner whatsoever.

The padded bag center is also conducive to carrying this equipment for great distances without damage. The bag is also fitted with a padded tow handle and a smooth neoprene-padded handle wrap adds greater comfort. Lastly, thanks to the construction material, 600-denier Duralite fabric, you will never have to worry about the bags ever wearing out.

What We Like
  • Excellent and durable construction
  • Duralite fabric exterior
  • Padded and divided interiors
What We Didn't Like
  • A bit heavy for all-day use
  • The lining could have been a bit better

A very large number of people have been using this bag without any fuss. We recently met a couple who had used this single bag for about 5000 miles. Speaks volumes about the user-friendly nature and the durability factor, doesn’t it? It is clearly one of the most premium ski bags of 2020 and will continue to be a bestseller.

High Sierra Padded Ski Bag for Single Pair of Skis (Up to 185cm) - Black
  • Main compartment with U-shaped opening holds a single pair of skis up to 185 cm.
  • Center of bag is padded to protect bindings.
  • Quick-release adjustable compression straps on each end.
  • Long webbing handles can be used as a shoulder strap.
  • Extra large handle is padded for comfort.

#2. Sportube Series 2 Double Ski Hard Case

As far as sturdiness and durability are concerned, there are very few models which can rival hard case ski bags. In fact, this is the best hardstyle ski bag on this list. Sportube has recently managed to garner a lot of goodwill among many outdoor enthusiasts. This high-density polyethylene case is one of our favorites as far as cross-country skiing tours are concerned as they are both durable and lightweight.

Sportube Series 2 Double Ski Hard CaseNaturally, the construction of this type of bags is worth the extra price tag that they normally ask for. So, one must look at many comparable options to get to this bag. The Sportube Series 2 has made marked improvements over its predecessors. The Series 2 is, for example, capable enough to fit in two pairs of skis or even four pairs of our favorite cross-country skis. These skis must measure up to 210 centimeters.

Like most other best ski bags 2020, this model too has interior straps which allow for separate and comfortable packing of skis. For extra protection, it also has padding at both ends so that the skis are not damaged in transit.

There are one or two other features which must be mentioned here. This bag is one of the most lightweight ski bags of 2029 it weighs in at just 12 pounds when totally empty. Also included is an easy pull handle useful for transit and wheels: this is a ski bag with wheels as well. Lastly, because it is lockable, it provides an extra layer of security which we appreciate.

What We Like
  • Provides extra durability thanks to the hard shell case
  • Lockable
  • Portable with wheels
  • Lightweight
What We Didn't Like
  • More padding could have been provided internally
  • The price tag is steep for many buyers

At the end of the day, the usability of a ski bag is determined by how simple the design is, how lightweight it is, how much cargo it can store, and how portable it is. The Sportube Series 2 ticks all the correct boxes. It is also very lightweight, a great advantage over most of its rivals.

Sportube 21BKSW Series 2 Double Travel Ski Case
  • Hard shell case to protect valuable sports equipment ,Up to 10 Aluminum Fly Rod Tubes or 10 Spin Casting , 5-6 Spear Guns, Shafts and Spear Points
  • Designed to protect two pairs of alpine skis and poles or up to four pairs of Nordic/skate skis and poles
  • Fits all ski and bindings types up to 210cm in length
  • Skis fit in case tip to tail with the bindings facing each other like shoes in a box
  • 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty

#3. Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag

Burton has been in the business for many years and knows the ins and outs of how to make a bestselling ski bag. The Burton Wheelie Gig is arguably one of the most stylish ski bags. It also offers excellent protection, thanks to the durable 600D polyester which is used in its construction. Besides, there is also minute attention to details which makes this Gig worth the money.

Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard BagThe Wheelie Gig has been manufactured keeping in mind two important factors: longevity and durability. It is one of the safest ski bags thanks to its many features. Ideal for transport both by air and car-top, the Wheelie Gig has plenty of internal space thanks to the build.

We went with this choice last December and we easily managed to fit in snowboards which measured between 146 centimeters and 181 centimeters. Such a massive internal space is something that not many other manufacturers offer.

There are also extra details which come in handy. These are related to portability. Thanks to the ease of use while using the padded handles, a rather handy removable padded shoulder strap, and solid IXION wheels, this ski bag is definitely one of the top ski bags 2020.

One great thing that we liked about this piece is the external zippered accessory pocket, which comes useful more often than not. The simple and elegant design is also streamlined.

What We Like
  • Extremely portable
  • Streamlined design
  • External zippered accessory pocket
What We Didn't Like
  • Expensive
  • Shoulder strap needs more padding

An already solid ski bag is made even more attractive thanks to the external zippered accessory pocket. It is important to remember that this is one of those ski bags which can also be carried with ease on the roof of a car. With its voluminous innards, this is easily one of our favorite ski bags of the year. We expect greater things from this Gig.

Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag, Bright Sinola Stripe, 156 cm
  • Durable 600D polyester construction with TPE backing; Fully padded for board protection;
  • Main compartment with easy full-zip access; Padded shoulder strap is removable for convenience; Designed to accommodate multiple boards
  • Internal webbing straps hold your board in place; Side and front haul handles for easy carrying
  • External zippered accessory pocket for additional storage; IXION skate wheel system provides smooth rolling
  • Lockable, contoured zipper pulls accommodate TSA-approved locks; Lifetime warranty

#4. Sportube Series 3 – Snowboard / Multi-Ski Special Edition

You already read about the Spoetube Series 2. Now, meet the Series 3. It is not the only advancement over the existing series but is also the best hardstyle snowboard bag on this list. The item has been marketed as being bombproof. Yes, you read that right. It is also one of the ski-bag bestsellers and is easily identifiable by its superb and linear design. It is also one of the lightest hardstyle bags that is currently available.

Sportube Series 3 - SnowboardMost of the features that we saw in the Series 2 has also been replicated in the Series 3. It can, for example, be converted into a ski carrier and then it can help in transporting up to three pairs of adult skis and comparable poles.

This carrying case is one of the best adjustable ski bags with up to 183 centimeters of space that will keep the gear from rattling around. Just like the other Sportube, this model also features padding at both ends.

This is also the best ski bag with wheels. The wheels also make for efficient and excellent maneuverability while, for extra portability, there is a strap and a band pack as well. The product comes with two handles besides an easy pull handle. All these features ensure that even if the bag is large, it can be carried with minimum fuss.

What We Like
  • Excellent design
  • Durable
  • Wheels make the item more portable
  • Hardstyle cover is very effective
What We Didn't Like
  • Not too lightweight when compared with many other similar bags
  • Might have a better-padded strap

Given the fact that this bag has wheels, it has proven to be extremely popular with all of its buyers. The company has given it a slightly edgy look which can be distinguished at a glance. Overall, this is a bag which can be used by anybody who wishes to have a skiing trip in the most comfortable way possible.

Sportube Series 3 Snowboard or Multi-Ski Travel Case
  • HDPE plastic case protects valuable ski equipment when traveling by airplane, train, bus or car
  • Wheels improve maneuverability for effortless rolling through the airport or train station
  • Protects up to 3 pair of skis and poles, or two snowboards, boots and bindings or a board and skis while traveling
  • Lockable for added security and accepted by all airlines
  • Aerodynamic design, straps quickly and easily to a roof rack

#5. High Sierra Wheeled Double Ski

This is yet another item from the company which has constantly set the standards as far as the best ski bags are concerned. This is one of the best wheeled-ski bags and can double up as a snowboard bag as well. Hence the name. In fact, this is the best convertible ski bag on this list and it comes with all the bells and whistles that such a premium design usually entails.

High Sierra Wheeled Double SkiIt doesn’t matter if you are a skier or a snowboarder. The same bag can be used for both purposes.Like most other premium-quality ski bags, the interiors are roomy and pretty solidly built. For example, the bag can accommodate a ski or a board up to 183 centimeters while the main chamber or compartment is fully padded.

It also comes with an interior strap system which is extremely useful in keeping all your expensive gear organized and steady in one place.

This is one of the most portable ski bags as it has long webbing handles which double up as a shoulder strap. Besides, High Sierra has also incorporated plastic-molded rub rails on the bag’s bottom. These plastic rails help prevent abrasions and friction burns.

One feature that we thoroughly enjoyed was the inline skate-style wheels which are easy to use and very fast- faster than most comparable models.

What We Like
  • Plastic-molded plastic rails on the bottom
  • Extremely tough construction
  • Can be carried on shoulders
What We Didn't Like
  • Can be pretty heavy
  • Expensive

This is clearly one of the best ski bags. It is interesting to note that High Sierra has made this a bit more durable than most of the other offerings. Thanks to the provided plastic rails at the bottom of the bag, this is one of the toughest of all ski bags. It also has an interesting style quotient.

High Sierra Double Ski Bag for Two Pairs of Skis (Wheeled) - Black
  • Main compartment with U-shaped opening holds two pair of skis up to 170 cm
  • Padded divider panel and interior hold-down straps keep gear organized and prevent it from shifting inside the bag
  • Center of bag is padded to protect bindings
  • Quick-release adjustable compression straps on each end
  • Long webbing handles can be used as a shoulder strap

#6. Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag

This model by Dakine is easily one of the best rolling luggage for snowboards. In case you are looking for a ski bags packed with features, this is one of the best ski bags under $200 that you can consider. The Dakine High Roller can be comfortably transported via air or by an automobile and it is transformable into either a ski or a snowboard bag.

Dakine High Roller Snowboard BagWe have good reason to point out that this is also the best unisex ski bag on the list. It can be safely and easily used by both men and women. Dakine has ensured that the bag provides some of the best features possible by not only making it tough on the exterior but is capable of two snowboards, one with even the bindings mounted, apart from one pair of boots. We also managed to squeeze in a bit of outerwear too just in case.

Dakine has also ensured complete protection for its wares by padding the High Roller entirely. Inside are two removable interior pockets while we also loved the two exterior pockets that are present for storing essentials on hand.

The interior pockets are spacious enough for ski boots, clothes, and any other associated snowboard accessories. Lastly, the very efficient and durable urethane wheels make the High Roller a breeze to use in the cities and the airports as well as at the skiing resort itself.

What We Like
  • Excellent construction
  • Suitable price
  • Portable
  • Durable and abrasion-proof
What We Didn't Like
  • The internal space could have been a bit more

In the end, we believe that this ski bag is one of the very best ski bags that are currently available. Dakine has managed to perfectly mix and achieve a balance of performance and style. It is also rather easily portable and has managed to remain a popular choice for many professional skiers. It is also extremely popular with many newcomers.
Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag, Nevada, 157cm
  • Fully padded board protection
  • Exterior access boot pocket
  • Full length two way zipper
  • High quantity urethane wheels
  • Duel end carry handles

Best Ski Bags 2020 Buying Guides: What to Look For and What Not To

There are several criteria that need to be kept in mind when purchasing your very own ski bag. For your consideration, we have listed some of the most important factors here.

Soft or Hard Build

Bags can have either a soft build or a hard build. While the soft bags are manufactured using cloth fabrics, the hard built cases are made with plastics. However, both the two types of cases are capable of equally protecting what is inside them.

When buying a soft-built ski bag, remember that they are made with either polyesters or synthetics. You will see that most of the toughest ski bags on the list have 600 denier fabrics if they are soft shell ones. The higher the denier score, the better a bag is and the sturdier.

Hard build bags are often made with HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene, which has proven to be immensely popular in the recent years. Make sure that irrespective of whether you are buying a hard or a soft build bag, there is a lot of padding inside.

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This is an obvious and self-explanatory factor in determining the value of a bag. Wheels increase the mobility of a bag and also add the element of portability. Some of the best ski bags 2020 have wheels. Ideally, you should choose a ski bag with wheels made of rubber similar to the inline skates. Wheels are an important aspect of any modern bag.


The inside space of any ski bag is a very important factor when trying to determine which one is worth buying. Ideally, the bag must be large enough to accommodate two pairs of adult skis as well as two pairs of child skis. Incidentally, you must remember that the more space and the more equipment there is, the more the chances of the gear clanking against one another and getting damaged. So, before you end up buying too spacious a bag, ensure that there is enough padding provided inside.


Remember the last time you went on by air with the ski bag in tow and saw that you could not recognize your own bag in a sea of similar-looking black ski bags? Well, let that not happen any longer. There are a lot more color options that are available nowadays. Ensure that your own bag is distinctive-looking.

Internal and External Straps

The more the number of straps provided, the better it is. Most of the modern bags have straps made of nylon. The external and internal straps serve different purposes as you can imagine. Most budget ski bags lack such straps. It is important to consider your budget and buy the ideal bag based on what you need.

Additional Features

Most premium ski bags have added features like external pockets, handles, or carrying straps. Certain models also have shoulder straps which can be used to make the transportation process easier. Handles and added padding on the exteriors also make the bags easier to use. But remember that you will have to shell out some extra money for these features.

Wrap Up

In the end, remember that neither the price nor the brand’s reputation is indicative of how good a ski bag really is. If you are looking to buy the best ski bags 2020, be sure to do some original research and check out our handy list. You will thanks us for it later.

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