15 Best Trekking Places in India 2021

Best trekking places in India

Last Updated on: 5th Jan 2021

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trekker, finalizing a trekking destination solely depends on your personal preference, you can decide a few factors to narrow down your search.  You can choose the best trek in india for you based on –

  • Difficulty level
  • Season in which you wanna trek 
  • Number of days involved in complete trekking

We have considered the above factors with every trek that we have selected. That would help you to make an informed decision to finalize your trek. Let’s start our journey of 15 best trekking places in India.

Best Trekking Places In India 2021

#1. Har Ki Dun Trek – Uttarakhand

Har Ki Dun Trek - Uttarakhand

Har ki dun is one of the underrated but most beautiful treks in the Himalayan region in India. If you are a nature lover, adventure seekers or a shutterbug who wants to capture nature with his arsenal, then har ki dun is the trek to go.

You would be mesmerized with fascinating views of deep valleys, snow cladded Swargarohini group of peaks and rich flora-n-fauna of the landscape.

You go through some ancient villages that are 2,000 years old. These villages have no effect on modern urbanisation. You would love to interact with villagers as people are very warm and helping.

Details of Har ki Dun Trek

  • Duration – 7 Days
  • Difficulty level –  Easy to moderate
  • Temperature – During summers (-1 to 20 degrees) and during winters (-11 to 9 degrees) 
  • Trekking Distance –  44 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 11,700  ft
  • Route – Sankri – Taluka – Poani Gharaht / Chiludgadh – Osla – Seematra – Har ki Dun – Seematra  – Gangad – Seema – Taluka – Sankri
  • Highlights – Ancient villages, Govind Ballabh Pant National Park

Best months for trekking

  • March to June, September to December

#2. Chadar Trek – Ladakh

Chadar Trek - Ladakh

If you want some high adventure in winters, you can go to Ladakh to experience the Chadar trek. 

Chadar means ‘Blanket’ in the local language and because this region receives heavy snowfall during the winters, the Zanskar river in Ladakh freezes over, a thick layer of ice covers it completely that looks like the river has worn a snow blanket.

Chadar trek is also popular as “Frozen river trek”.  Chadar trek is one of the most difficult treks of the world. Trekking on ice and knee-deep snow makes it more tough to do. 

You can plan for Chadar trek if you already have experience of winter trekking. Always plan in a group trek and keep the essential stuff like gumboots, waterproof socks and woolen stuff with you.

Follow the instructions of your guide properly on such a tough trek.

Details of Chadar Trek

  • Duration – 6 to 9 days
  • Difficulty level – Hard
  • Temperature – During day (-5 to -15 degrees) and during the night (-20 to -30 degrees) 
  • Trekking Distance –  62 km
  • Maximum Altitude – 11,123 ft
  • Route – Chilling – Zaribago – Deepyokma – Naerak Pullu – Lingshed – Nyarakpulu – Tso Mopoaldar – Tilatdo – Chilling
  • Highlights – Shanti Stupa and Walk on frozen river

Best months for trekking

  • October to February

#3. Buran Ghati Trek

Buran Ghati Trek

Buran ghati trek is an all season trek in India. This is one of the lesser visited trekking routes that has every feature that a trekker wants in its trek.

Whether it’s an ancient village in Janglik, deep forests and majestic meadows in Dayara, fruit bearing trees in Dunda or big snow slides to cross the buran ghati pass, you get a perfect blend of all in the buran ghati trek.

Shimla is the nearest tourist place which is 148 kms away. You can travel from Shimla till Janglik by road. From Janglik the trek starts.

Details of Buran Ghati Trek 

  • Duration – 8 Days 
  • Difficulty level –  Moderate to difficult
  • Temperature – Summers (15 to 22 degrees) and Autumn (-2 to 18 degrees)
  • Trekking Distance –  30-40 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 15,000 ft
  • Route – Janglik – Dayara  – Litham – Chandranahan Lake – Litham – Simar Thach – Janglik
  • Highlights – Meadows, ancient villages, fruit trees, waterfall, lake and snow wall

Best months for trekking

  • May-June, Sept-Oct

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Best Trekking Places In Karnataka 2021

#4. Kudremukh Trek – Chikmagalur

Kudremukh Trek - Chikmagalur

If you are from bangalore and looking for weekend trek, then go for Kudremukh trek.

Kudremukh peak is the third highest peak in Karnataka which offers majestic view of lush green meadows. 

You enjoy the glimpse of different landscapes, from the dense forests of the Kudremukh National park along with flowing streams and the vast meadows.

You can enjoy the calm and serene environment to have a soothing effect on the mind and body to get yourself recharge over the weekend.

You can also visit Somawathi falls that is on the other side of Kudremukh peak.

Details of Kudremukh Trek

  • Duration – 2 Days
  • Difficulty level –  Easy 
  • Temperature – During summers (20 to 37 degrees) and during winters (10 to 32 degrees) 
  • Trekking Distance –  22 kms
  • Maximum Altitude –  6,214  ft
  • Route – Mullodi- Kudremukh National Peak – Mullodi
  • Highlights – Somawathi waterfall

Best months for trekking

  • March to June, September to December

#5. Gokarna Beach Trek

Gokarna Beach Trek

Trekking around the beach is a wonderful experience as you can enjoy hills and sea tides together. 

Gokarna beach trek is ideal as a weekend getaway where you can travel overnight and reach Gokarna beach in the morning. It is 520 kms from bangalore.

You can start the trek from Gokarna main beach covering other adjacent beaches like paradise beach, belekan beach, half moon beach, or om beach.

Paradise beach is among the most serene beaches in India that has very low human footfall. If you want to relax in the calmness and explore the nature around. This is the best option you have.

You can enjoy the sunset at half moon beach that would take your enthusiasm to the next level. Here’s a chance that you can also spot some dolphins.

If you are in a group don’t forget to enjoy campfire at Kudle beach and enjoy seafood there. From here you start the return journey back to Gokarna beach.

Hippies are the other attraction that you can easily find there on these beaches.

Details of Gokarna Beach Trek

  • Duration – 1-2 Days
  • Difficulty level –  Easy
  • Temperature – During summers (32 to 38 degrees) and during winters (28 to 32 degrees) 
  • Trekking Distance –  10-12 kms
  • Maximum Altitude –  328 ft
  • Route – Gokarna Main Beach – Belekan Beach – Paradise Beach – Half Moon beach – Om Beach – Kudle Beach – Gokarna Beach
  • Highlights – Panoramic views, dolphins, sea food

Best months for trekking

  • October to March

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Best Trekking Places In South India 

#6. Nilgiris Green Lake Trek – Ooty

If you want an easy and “Do IT Yourself” trek, then go for Nilgiris Green Lake trek as it is relatively easy in difficulty level.

You have to go uphill slightly but you enjoy the panoramic view of the area. You start with a descending trail on the side of tea gardens. 

You can rent out sleeping and trekking gear from the local market if you are planning to stay overnight. You can also plan to go with a group of trekkers as there are local companies that organize group treks to Nilgiri green lake.

Weather of Nilgiri remains pleasant throughout the year.

Details of Nilgiris Green Lake Trek

  • Duration – 1 Day 
  • Difficulty level –  Easy 
  • Temperature – During summers (10 to 25 degrees) and during winters (0 to 20 degrees) 
  • Trekking Distance –  17 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 6,500  ft
  • Route – Ooty – HPF (Hindustan Photo Films) – Green Lake – Kokkal (Camp Site) – Governor Shola Village – Ooty
  • Highlights –  Dense forests, tea gardens, and lake

Best months for trekking

  • March to September

#7. Agasthyarkoodam Peak Trek 

Agasthyarkoodam Peak Trek

Agasthyamala is the highest peak in south kerala that gives you breathtaking views and the divine beauty from the height of 6129 feet.

Agasthyakoodam preserves more than 2000 species of flora and fauna including lichens, orchids, mosses and ferns. You can enjoy seeing exotic bird species. You can also see elephants during the trek especially in the evening.

Agasthyarkoodam Peak trek is among the most popular trekking sites of South India. Trek is managed by Kerala Forest & Wildlife Department (KFWD) and you need a pass from the department which is served on First-Come-First-Serve basis.

KFWD announces the trekking dates one week prior to the commencement of season which starts in the month of January. 

Details of Agasthyarkoodam Peak trek 

  • Duration – 2 Days 
  • Difficulty level –  Moderate to Difficult
  • Temperature – Throughout the year (12 to 23 degrees) 
  • Trekking Distance –  40 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 6,129 ft
  • Route –  Bonacaud – Athirumala Base Camp – Agasthyakoodam Peak – Athirumala Base Camp –  Bonacaud
  • Highlights –  Dense forests, panoramic views, elephants and idol of sage Agasthya

Best months for trekking

  • Mid-January to March

Best Trekking Places In North India

#8. Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta pass is quite vibrant having lush green Kullu valley on one side and barren lands of lahaul on the other side.

You can reach Manali by road which is the nearest town. From Manali it is a one hour drive to Jobra that will fill you with an adrenaline rush with its breathtaking views on the way.

From Jobra you can start your trek with mesmerising views all the way round. You can spot  oaks, birch and maple trees together in this region that is a unique experience. 

As you pass through the Hampta pass you can see how nature takes its turn from green vegetation to barren land and that also happens in just a few minutes when you cross the pass. 

Your trek ends at Chhatru, from where you can go to Chandratal lake by taxi and then head to Manali.

Details of Hampta Pass Trek 

  • Duration – 6 Days 
  • Difficulty level –  Moderate 
  • Temperature – Summers (15 to 22 degrees) and Autumn (-2 to 18 degrees)
  • Trekking Distance –  35 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 14,065 ft
  • Route – Jobra – Jwara – Balu ka Ghera – Shea Goru via Hampta Pass – Chhatru – Chandratal lake – Chhatru – Manali (By transportation)
  • Highlights – Kullu valley, barren landscapes of lahaul, Chandartal lake

Best months for trekking

  • June to September

#9. Kheerganga Trek

 Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga trek is ideal for beginners who want to go for an easy trek in the colorful Parvati Valley. One side trek is 12 km and you can cover the distance in 5 to 6 hours. 

Trek is gentle incline and you can enjoy the sound of the roaring parvati river flowing nearby. When you reach the Kheerganga top, you will find a Kheerganga kund there which is a natural hot spring.

You can take some rest and then jump into the kund to relax yourself from the tiredness of trek. The snow clad peaks and greenery would give you a mystical experience.

Details of Kheerganga Trek 

  • Duration – 1-2 Days 
  • Difficulty level –  Easy
  • Temperature – Summers (13 to 37 degrees) 
  • Trekking Distance –  26 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 9,678 ft
  • Route – Barshaini – Kheerganga – Kheerganga – Kasol (By transportation)
  • Highlights – Parvati valley, Parvati Kund (Hot spring)

Best months for trekking

  • March to June

#10. Triund Trek

Triund Trek

Triund trek is the easiest trek for beginners who want to enjoy the beauty of Dhauladhar range along with Kangra Valley. Total trek is 14 kms but it’s quite steep and you can cover the one side distance in 5 to 6 hours. 

You can enjoy the snow clad peaks of dhauladhar range and lush green meadows would amaze you with their serene beauty.

You can also climb down to Bhagsu and enjoy the waterfall. Mcleodganj is the nearest tourist attraction. 

You can also camp overnight and enjoy the star gazing in the night.

Details of Triund Trek 

  • Duration – 1-2 Days 
  • Difficulty level –  Easy
  • Temperature – Summers (13 to 37 degrees) 
  • Trekking Distance – 14 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 9,760 ft
  • Route – Dharamkot – Triund – Dharamkot
  • Highlights – Kangra valley, waterfall 

Best months for trekking

  • Throughout the year except monsoon

Best Trekking Places In Uttarakhand 

#11. Chandrashila-Deoria Tal Trek 

Chandrashila-Deoria Tal Trek

If you love watching birds, then this trek is like a heaven for you. You can spot at least 30 to 40 varieties of birds in the trek.

Another amazing thing about this trek is that this trek is a combination of two treks, the Deoria tal and the Chandrashila. 

Trek starts from Sari village near Chopta, a beautiful hamlet in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. You can reach Chopta from Haridwar in less than 8 hours if you hire a taxi traveling around 200 kms. 

One day you can reach Deoria tal in 3 hours of trek. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Chaukhamba peak and the serene Deoriatal Lake. You can return to Chopta in the evening.

Next day you can leave for Tunganatha and finally reach Chandrashila peak. You can see the majestic views of mandini peak, janhu peak and chaukhambha peaks.

You can also plan with family as difficulty is easy.

Details of Chandrashila-Deoria tal Trek 

  • Duration – 1-2 Days 
  • Difficulty level –  Easy to Moderate 
  • Temperature – Daytime (8 to 15 degrees), Night (-5 to 3 degrees)
  • Trekking Distance –  6 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 12,083 ft
  • Route –  Sari (base camp) – Deoria Tal – Chopta –  Tungnath – Chandrashila Peak – Chopta 
  • Highlights – mind-blowing sunset view, bird-watching

Best months for trekking

  • Mar-May, Sept-Dec

#12. Kedar Kantha Trek

Kedar Kantha Trek

Kedarkantha is a famous winter trek for beginners. You can try out Kedarkantha trek if you have never done winter trekking. The experience would help you to try out other hardcore winter treks like Chadar trek.

You can reach Sankari, the base point, from Dehradun in 8 hours. Trek starts from Sankri that goes through Juda ka talab all the way to Kedarkantha summit. 

Though the trek distance is short but due to its steepness, it is not that much easy. You can travel around 4-5 kms everyday that also depends on the snow. If you are trekking in december-january, you would get snow from the start till the end. But if you go out for trekking in the march, you would get trek near the peak.

But once you reach the peak, you would feel the victory in the form of majestic views of mountains that is worth visiting it atleast once in a lifetime.

Details of KedarKantha Trek 

  • Duration – 6 Days 
  • Difficulty level –  Easy to Moderate 
  • Temperature – Winters (-7 to 18 degrees)
  • Trekking Distance –  20 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 12,500 ft
  • Route –  Sankri – Juda ka Talab – Kedarkantha Base – Kedarkantha peak – Hargaon camp – Sankri
  • Highlights – winter trek for beginner

Best months for trekking

  • Dec-April

#13. Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of flowers is the oldest and most beautiful trek of India because of the different varieties  of rare flowers blossom in this region and make the whole journey like a nature’s canvas.

This trek is located in the region of Valley of flowers national park. It became popular after 2002, when UNESCO declared this park a world heritage. 

You can club the valley of flowers along with Hemkund Sahib trek which is a holy pilgrimage of Sikhs at the height of 14000 ft.

You should carry heavy woolens and raincoats because weather drastically changes in the Hemkund sahib region.

Post monsoon is the best time to trek to the valley of flowers as you can see nature’s virgin beauty at its peak.

Valley of flowers trek route leads you through dense forests, along Pushpawati river and you can reach the destination after crossing many bridges, glaciers and waterfalls. 

Rishikesh is the only city located nearest to the valley of flowers.

Details of Valley of Flowers Trek 

  • Duration – 1-2 Days 
  • Difficulty level –   Moderate 
  • Temperature – Post Summers (5 to 20 degrees) 
  • Trekking Distance –  53 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 14,400 ft
  • Route –  Govind Ghat – Ghangaria – Valley of flowers – Ghangaria  – Hemkunt Sahib – Ghangaria – Govind Ghat
  • Highlights –  Rare species of flowers, bird watching, Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara, waterfalls

Best months for trekking

  • July – September

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Best Trekking Places In Maharashtra 2021

#14. Ratangad Fort Trek

Ratangad Fort Trek

Ratangad fort trek is a monsoon special trek that is an ideal choice for a weekend getaway. The fort lies in the Ajoba mountain range of Maharashtra.

The trail initially starts from the village fields and when you reach the Bhandardara dam, you have to climb up the dam wall. The trail goes along the edge of the lake formed by a dam. 

Then you have to pass a dense forest. You will see a big rock in front of you, here you get iron ladders installed by the forest department to reach the top. 

On completing the trek, you reach the first gate of Ratangarh fort.

Details of Ratangarh Fort Trek 

  • Duration – 1 Day 
  • Difficulty level –   Easy to Moderate
  • Temperature – Summers(20 to 36 degrees), Winters (15 to 27 degrees)
  • Trekking Distance –  15 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 4,255 ft
  • Route –  Ratanwadi – Ratangad fort – Ratanwadi
  • Highlights –  Fort, picturesque view

Best months for trekking

  • July – February

#15. Kalsubai Peak Trek

Kalsubai Peak Trek

Surrounded by lush green forests and fields, Kalsubai is the highest peak of Maharashtra. You can enjoy the majestic vistas of Sahyadri mountains. 

This is a 1 day trek, where you have to reach the peak before evening if you don’t want to miss the sunset view from the top of the Kalsubai peak.

Kalsubai trek offers both day and night trek, so it gives you flexibility to plan accordingly.

Details of Ratangarh Fort Trek 

  • Duration – 1 Day 
  • Difficulty level –   Easy to Moderate
  • Temperature – Summers(20 to 36 degrees), Winters (15 to 27 degrees)
  • Trekking Distance –  12 kms
  • Maximum Altitude – 5,400 ft
  • Route –  Bari village – Kalsubai peak- Bari village
  • Highlights –   picturesque view, temple, sunset

Best months for trekking

  • July – February

Final Words 

You have gone through 15 best trekking places in India but if you are still not able to decide which you should visit, then I can further mitigate your confusion.

If you are a beginner and want to experience trekking for the first time, then go for Triund Trek which is easy and you can enjoy the vibrance of Mcleodganj as well.

If you are an experienced trekker who has done a couple of treks but not able to decide the next one, then I would suggest you to go for the Valley of Flowers trek, as it is moderate in difficulty level and you can enjoy nature at its best.

If you hail from South India, Agasthyakoodam would be a memorable trek for you, if you really wanna enjoy the serenity of that region.

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