21 Best Gifts for Hikers in 2020

I really like when my loved ones gift me anything related to hiking as I love hiking.

So if you are also looking for Best gifts for hiking lovers, then you can choose any recommended gift.

Best Gifts for Hikers in 2020

#1. Fire-Starter

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

Firestarter can save life as it could help to start a fire in case of an emergency.

It is a great tool to start a fire in harsh conditions and these fire starters offer reliable performance at any altitude, unlike other lighters.

The rod is made from a high-quality pyrophoric alloy and striker is made of stainless steel and has an edge that delivers the maximum spark.

The friction generated by scraping generates the bright, high-temperature spark.

#2. Pocket Knife

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

The compact pocket knife that can fit in the pocket is a functional and versatile tool that can always be there whenever you need.

These pocket multifunctional knife can be helpful in many ways when you are out there on a hike.

This multi-purpose pocket knife has everything that you could need on a hike that includes screwdriver with a nail file, scissors, tweezer, and toothpick.

This stainless steel tool has the ultimate durability and makes it a perfect companion for your hike.

#3. Outdoor First Aid Kit

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

Outdoor First Aid Kit is an easy to use well-organized kit with the ability to arrange the first-aid supplies in an injury specific manner.

So, you can get the right treatment quickly.

This kit contains medicines and badges for cuts & scrapes, Fracture/ Sprain, Basic instruments for first aid, Medication for bite & bee sting, for stopping bleeding and for wound care/ burn and blisters among other necessary medications.

Also, contains a Guide to Wilderness Medicine.

#4. Hiking Backpack

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

A hiking backpack is a must-have for hikers as this is an essential item that helps them to carry many other essentials items like food, water, first aid kit and many other things necessary for your survival.

#5. Hiking / Trekking Poles

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

Hiking Poles assist the hikers in reducing the pressure on the knees and helps you balance better on uneven surfaces.

And these aluminum poles are lightweight and easy to carry and adjust.

These aluminum poles can withstand pressure and impact better than carbon fiber and weight up to 4 ouches less than other poles and these telescopic poles can be easily adjusted with its lever-lock technology.

#6. Headlamp

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

A Hike might get longer and you could end up getting stuck in dusk or dark so, having a lightweight and handy headlamp is always a great help and it is a must-have tool for hikers.

This simple to use single button makes this quick and easy to select lighting mode and wide and uniform beam of this headlamp makes close-range vision comfortable and clear.

This comes with batteries and USB Charging Kit.

#7. Hiking Solar Panel21 Best Gifts for Hikers

Gadgets have become part of everyone’s standard hiking gear.

Although most batteries last for the day but for overnight trips or in case of emergency these portable solar panels can be of great help.

These smart solar panels have intelligent electronics that optimize as per the device you are charging and also prevents overcharging that could potentially harm your devices.

This can charge everything from your headlamp to your cell phone.

#8. Mini Water Filter

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

Water is one of the most important things that you need to be able to survive in the wild and it is not possible to carry an unlimited source of water and from time to time.

You would need to use a reliable water source and in that case, this portable water filter can be a lifesaver for you.

This mini water filter removes bacteria, protozoa, organic compounds, and protect against viruses.

This comes with a pump that can pump at the rate of one liter per minute and filter up to 2000 liter before need of any replacement.

#9. Portable Cooking System

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

On a long trek, you would definitely need some kind of cooking system or a system to satisfy your need for coffee or tea.

In this case, the portable flash cooking system can help you save your day and to cook quick food or heat the water.

This all-in-one cooking system with a combined burner and cooking vessel delivers a rapid boil.

It also has a color-change heat indicator that is of great help to you.

This system is faster than any other stove for the hikers, it can quickly boil water for your meal, melting snow or disinfecting water to drink.

It is, in fact, a great gift for a hiker.

#10. Energy Bars

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

On a long trek, energy bars can be of great help as these bars not only gives energy but also provide necessary nutrition to survive this long journey.

Moreover, this can help you save time from cooking without going low on energy and necessary nutrition.

This cliff bar, Energy bars are specially formulated for the hikers and it is made up of protein, carbs to sustain active bodies.

This is a perfect bar to fuel up before or during the activity.

#11. Microspikes For Slippery Trail

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

Microspikes are the best tools for traction on icy or slippery terrain.

This simple solution for slippery situation can save your life in many ways without the need of any special gear and it can fit any type of hiking footwear and can withstand years of heavy use.

The material of spikes is heat-treated 400 series stainless steel and constructed for maximum durability.

They can be attached securely to your footwear without any requirement of special buckles or straps.

#12. Solar Camp Lamp

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

Solar rechargeable lamp can be recharged easily and you will never run out of light on your hiking trip.

This solar lamp can also be charged using the USB and it can also act as a power source to recharge your electronic gadgets.

This light lamp can be folded into a small size and can be easily carried around in your backpack and it is also a weatherproof device that means you are secured even if there is rain or snow.

#13. Binoculars

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

Every kind of hike involves view and binoculars makes them better and if you are lost it can help you scan the surroundings for the help.

The binocular can be used with or without wearing glasses for scouting the trail route or watching the birds and other wildlife around your trails.

These binoculars come with 430 ft extra-wide field of view with optimal clarity and detail and with 8x magnification power and a 42 mm lens diameter for optimal brightness.

#14. Waterproof Notepads

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

Waterproof notepads can effectively go anywhere, anytime in any weather that makes it a must have for the hikers.

It helps you to keep your notes and important information from turning into mush when wet and it will repel water, sweat, grease, mud and even survive the accidental laundry mishap.

These completely recyclable paper will keep your notes intact even if those were written by ballpoint pen or all-weather pens.

It is also perfect for a hiking journal or for gifting to a hiker.

#15. Titanium Spork

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

Spork is basically a combo of the spoon, fork and bottle opener which makes it perfect for the hikers.

Spork is made up of titanium and perfectly lightweight and indestructible.

The reusable titanium spork can last for ages as it is corrosion and high- temperature resistant.

These titanium sporks are odorless and flavorless and much better than plastic or wooden sporks.

These are just an ideal tool for camping for its multiple benefits and uses. This spork comes with a cotton bag and has other uses like a bottle opener.

#16. Gaiters

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

Gaiters are the garments worn over the shoes and lower pants leg and help protect the equipment and pants from getting wet.

These gaiters could be of great help for anyone travelling through the wet terrain or where there is lots of snow.

It is made up of 100% nylon with a buckle closure which makes it durable and its low top design performs better in all seasons, By pairing this lightweight gaiters with hiking boots to keep rocks, dirt, and snow from finding its way into footwear.

#17. Inflatable Pillow

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

An inflatable pillow one of the most essential things that you would need in your overnight camp as these helps in sleep comfortably at night during your long trek and that too without having to carry lots of weight.

This can be inflated to a comfortable pillow and can be deflated back in just seconds and can be stored in your backpack easily.

The fabric of this is water resistant that makes it one of the most useful thing for overnight trekking.

#18. Recipe book for the hiking trip

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

In long treks, you would need to cook your own food to be able to survive for long and get the best of your trip that is why gifting a recipe book to a hiker, probably one of the best gifts.

This book will give you insights into most lively dishes that you can have on a trek and this book contains most tried and tested recipes that would actually weight relatively less to carry in your backpack.

#19. Outdoor Camp Chair

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

For any outdoor adventure having a lightweight portable seating is a blessing.

These cascade low profile camp chairs are best in class portable seating.

You just sit back and relax on these compact chairs that can be folded easily and carried easily with an included carrying case.

The breathable mesh and cushion armrests make for a comfy seat at any outdoor event and the reinforced feet allow it to stand on different terrains.

Made up of strong steel and an aluminum frame that can hold up to 250 lbs.

#20. Hiker Socks

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

The Hiker Socks are the ones that are primarily designed to be used by hikers and are made up of high-quality material.

These socks are highly comfortable and help the hiker prevent blister on the foot from excessive walking.

These socks are specially designed to enable you to walk comfortably and it helps you keep your feet dry irrespective of the season.

These socks have high-density knitting which makes them more comfortable and durable and yet ultra lightweight that also prevents blisters, slipping and bunching.

#21. Quick Dry Towel

21 Best Gifts for Hikers

A Quick to dry microfiber towel can be of great help on a trek as you would need a towel from time to time on your trek and if it is a quick dry towel then it will help you avoid unnecessary weight while you are on a trek.

This towel is made up of 70% polyester and 30% Nylon Microfiber that makes this highly reliable in the long trek.

Also, microfiber is super soft which have the remarkable absorbing capacity and can dry up fast which makes it easy to carry around the trek.


Although all of the above mentioned potential gifts for hikers are great, if we have to choose a few that out stands all of them then Fire-starter, Portable Cooking System, Mini Water Filter, and Energy can be the ones that have the potential of being a lifesaver.

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