How To Plan A Camping Event In 5 Steps

How to plan a camping event in 5 steps

Updated on 08.01.2021

Camping is the best solution if you need a break from your daily routine and want to spend some time in nature’s lap.

If you have no idea about how to plan a camping trip, then you have landed in the right place.

After going through this guide you can easily plan your camping trip and execute it.

Let’s understand how to plan a camping event in 5 simple steps.

#1. Finalize Your Campsite

Always finalize your campsite ahead of time. This will give you plenty of time to prepare yourself for the campout. You can check the site location on online maps or you can discuss it with other friends who have more experience of camping.

Finalize Your Campsite

If you are in another city, then discuss with localities to decide the best campsite for you.

Apart from that, keep the things below in mind while finalizing your camping site –

  • Try to find a flat campsite to fix the tent.
  • Easy approach of firewood and water
  • Set up Off-trail, so you don’t get disturbed by any hiker or backpacker
  • Not at the bottom of a valley, where the air humidity level would be high. The valley- bottom is also not favorable in the rainy season.
  • Avoid animal trails or their habitats, which might lead to any misadventure
  • Away from danger zones like avalanches, flash flood-prone areas or high tide beach area
  • Far from insect breeding grounds, like waterlogged meadows and stagnant lakes

#2. Check Weather Forecast

You can check the weather forecast in advance to prepare well for your camping adventure. You can make better decisions if you are aware of the weather forecast. 

You can postpone your camping if weather conditions are unfavorable like thunderstorms, hailstorms, or snowfall is expected.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable camping in the rain, you can prepare rain gear to protect yourself. 

#3. Plan Your Meal

Preparing food at the site is not difficult, you just need storage and appropriate tools to execute your cooking effectively.

Camping meal plan

Planning your meals in advance will save you time and you will enjoy camping more instead of worrying about what to cook and serve.

Prepare in advance – Preparing some stuff at home will save your time and energy at the campsite. For example, you can chop fruits, veggies, and slice the meat at home. Always place your food in smaller containers to create more space in the coolers.

Remember to pack the basic stuff like salt, pepper, oil, or any additional seasonings like oregano flakes that you are fond of using.

Food storage –  You can carry your food in ice-filled coolers to keep that fresh for long. Make sure in advance that ice is available on your camping site or not. If that’s not available at the campsite, try to consume perishable foods in the first go.

Cooking tools – You can use a fire pit that comes with grates to cook food on open flames. However, you can keep a camping stove with propane as a backup if the fire pit doesn’t work well. You have to carry essential kitchen tools like knives, utensils, spatula, airtight containers, aluminum foil, pans, dishes, bowls, and cups.

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#4. Finalize Your Activities

If you are planning an event with kids or families, you can plan such activities that both elders and kids can play together. 

You can play cards or board games like chess in a tent.  Another popular game that even elders can play is Truth and Dare.

camping activities

If you have a water body near your camping site, you can play sand sculpture building, water volleyball, or fishing.

You can also plan further hiking to the nearest mountain top and return to the campsite in a prescribed time.

#5.  Ready Your Gears and Leave

camping gears

Before you start collecting your gears, it is better to create a checklist of required stuff. That would eliminate the chances of missing something.

You can start with basic gear for camping as given below.

  • Tent – protects you and your gears from unfavorable weather conditions like rain, snow, and winds. You can go for a single cabin or 2 person tent as per your requirement.
  • Sleeping bag – Sleeping bag ideal for camping because it not only regulates your body heat while the atmospheric temperature drops significantly during nightfall. It also protects you from insects and mosquito bites during sleep.
  • Water filter/tablets – Ideally you should carry your sufficient water stock with you. You can carry a portable water filter or water purification tablets in case you have to refill your water tank from the nearby water stream to avoid any bacterial infection.
  • Firestarter – You can keep a lighter or magnesium fire starter to ignite fire during camping. The best thing is to keep 2 lighters and some bark or piece of newspaper in separate waterproof bags for the emergency.
  • Swiss knife –  is a multipurpose knife that comes handy when you have to cut a wire or bark or you have to peel off something during your camping adventure.
  • First-Aid kit – Keep a handy first aid kit to use on scratches happen while hiking or roaming around your camping site.
  • Rain jacket – is a protection layer over you during rain to keep you dry and warm. Always choose a lightweight rain jacket that can easily allow multiple layers of clothes under it.
  • Flashlight or lantern – An essential tool if you are planning to camp out overnight. It will help you locate things in your tent and provide you with light to move in your surroundings for the toilet.

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Final Thoughts

For your knowledge, don’t forget to keep toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap with you. These things are also essential that you can carry in your rucksack. 

When it comes to camping, there are so many things that come into the picture. But these 5 simple steps (that we have discussed) will give you a better idea of how to plan a camping event even if you haven’t tried it earlier. 

So make your own plan and enjoy camping. 

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