Simple Steps for Safe & Comfortable Trekking (Expert Safety Measures)

Although a trekking expedition can provide a great experience that you can cherish for the rest of your life, there are many hidden dangers that do not show off most often. And if you are not careful you may get injured (or died in worst scenarios) very badly. To avoid any mishap in the mountains, there are three basic (or simple) tips that you must follow to have a safe and comfortable trekking experience especially in the hills.

2 Tips for Safe Trekking in the Mountains

Yes! It is really important that you embark on your trekking journey during daytime. Avoid treks at night as it can cause fatal injuries due to reduced visibility and may also cause navigational issues if you are not properly equipped.

#1. Never Compromise with Safety Tools

Always pack your backpack carefully and never forget to include safety tools and gears to ensure safety in the high altitude. Every year, many lives are lost due to insufficient safety tools and equipment. Also it is recommended to carry an oxygen cylinder if you plan to climb beyond 10000 feet.

#2. Always Have Options for Setting Fire

Fire is a vital element in the mountains and can often act as a life saver in extremely cold weather conditions. Apart from dealing with extreme weather, fire is also needed for cooking. So you should always have plenty of options for lighting up a fire.

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